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GRITS (Girls Raised in the South)


Strategies for Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces

LinkedIn Live guest discussing strategies for protecting individual mental health in the workplace and beyond.

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Memphis Child Advocacy Center:
Honors Day Breakfast


Reclaiming Joy

Keynote speaker delivering an inspirational message to the honored guests and all service providers present working with child abuse to care for self and reclaim their joy as they work in one of the most challenging areas.

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The University of Memphis
Lowenberg College of Nursing


Practicing Greater Self Care
Guest Speaker during the Wellness Series designed to provide a healthy outlet with a focus on holistic care for nursing students, faculty, and staff.

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Woman God Uses Conference


Emotional Wellness
Guest speaker highlighting the importance of emotional wellness and its connection living with integrity.

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Total Woman Summit Haven Retreat


Wellness as a Lifestyle

Providing strategies for making wellness a lifestyle from a mental
health perspective.

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UCAN of Memphis
Dare 2 Dream Conference


Emotional Intelligence

Guest Speaker educating youth on emotional intelligence
and its role on personal and relationship growth.

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Living Purpose Christian Church
Soul Revival Day Conference

 10.07 - 10.08.2022 

Mental Health and Ministry

Presenter discussing mental health and strategies for breaking the barriers between mental wellness and spiritual practices. Panelists for
identifying and accessing sources of personal support as a believer.

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TogetHER 901
Sustaining the Breakthrough Series


Coping with Traumatic Stress

Guest Presenter discussing strategies for managing stress of traumatic events experienced personally and collectively.

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Community Health Fair


Mental Health in the Community

Facilitated mental health booth.

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Lemoyne Owen College Alumni Association Juneteenth Celebration


Managing Mental Wellness

Session facilitator prioritizing mental health in efforts to unlock the best version of self.

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2022 Special Olympics USA Games
Orlando, FL


Strong Minds

One of multiple Clinical Directors for Strong Minds of the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program providing screenings and strategies to promote mental and emotional well-being for athletes and unified partners.

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Imperfect Perfection Beauty Brunch


Internal Well-Being

Guest speaker highlighting importance of mental health (internal well-being) along with caring for skin and external beauty.

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Memphis Theological Seminary/House of Black Church Studies


Clergy Wellness in the Black Church Tradition

Guest speaker illuminating the need for members of clergy to be mindful of their own mental well-being in addition to the mental health of the partitioners and community that they serve.

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State of Tennessee Office of Re-entry Annual Conference


Trauma Informed Care

Facilitated a workshop to share ways/methods to better recognize and understand the impact of trauma in a person's life, provide care that promotes safety, and to avoid re-traumatization.

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