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“Mental illness is not the problem.  Untreated mental illness is the problem.”


Dr. Massey is a licensed clinical psychologist who has serviced clients in private practice for 13 years. She provides clinical services to children, adults, and families faced with the most challenging disorders and life circumstances.  Her work specializes in childhood clinical issues, abuse/neglect, and depression/anxiety disorders. Dr. Massey worked diligently to prepare for success in this professional career.  After graduating valedictorian from high school in 1991, Dr. Massey obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She graduated with honors from DePaul University in Chicago with a Master of Arts in Psychology and then with her Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Massey completed her doctoral internship through the University of Tennessee Psychology Consortium and was licensed as a Clinical Psychologist by the state of Tennessee in 2001. Through her private practice, Dr. Massey has provided internships for college students aspiring to enter the field of psychology.

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“Knowledge is most useful when it is shared.”

Dr. Massey is committed to providing others with valid, effective information as a subject matter expert in aspects of psychology and mental health. She is currently a consultant with Polished Consulting, LLC providing training in various leadership settings across the mid-south including with the Shelby County School System and the City of Memphis. Her primary focus is on emotional intelligence and its role in effective leadership. In August 2018, Dr. Massey became an adjunct professor with Vision School of Biblical Training. Beginning October 2018, Dr. Massey will offer a certification, correspondence course entitled Biblical and Christian Counseling. Dr. Massey has been a guest contributor on various platforms to promote mental health awareness such as Total Woman Summit and Storealities with Sherica Hymes and Roquita Williams podcast, KWAM’s Candid Conversations with Dr. C. Denise Richardson and Coach Karren's EmPower ExChange with Pastor Karen Todd.

Inspirational Speaker
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“You can always S.O.A.R”

The stigma surrounding mental illness has hindered the ability of many to recognize that mental health should be a goal as is physical health.  Dr. Massey is committed to eliminating this barrier and making it easier for persons to embrace the importance of mental stability in EVERYTHING that we do.  Dr. Massey’s engaging style of presenting challenging and often taboo information in a manner that is relatable and actionable is indeed inspiring. Whether in a small group forum or large auditorium, Dr. Massey makes each individual feel that she is speaking directly to them. Those who hear her are pricked with an awareness of their personal power and need to actively govern their own experience. Dr. Massey contends that everyone can S.O.A.R.:

Speak: Break the silence within by be willing to acknowledge your truths.

Ouch: Allow self to hurt learning to manage negative emotions vs trying to live void of


Act: Be intentional about setting and reaching goals from practical day-to-day tasks to long

term plans.

Revive: Restore parts of self that have been discarded and give new energy to your existence.

CLICK HERE to see footage of Dr. Massey delivering her S.O.A.R. message!

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“Get your learning and your burning”

Dr. Massey insists that spirituality is a major component of one’s mental health.  She challenges the belief that spirituality has no place in the clinical therapy environment. This is explicitly evident in the fact that Dr. Massey is an ordained minister. In addition to sharing the gospel of the good news, Dr. Massey has provided workshops at various religious organizations and churches designed to empower women and mothers, elevate children and youth, educate parishioners regarding mental health issues. Her favorite passage of scripture, John 15:13 which reads: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends, drives Dr. Massey to live her life as one of service to others.

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“I want to live what I teach in session.  You have to DO the work.”

In addition to her clinical career, Dr. Massey is active in the community.  Dr. Massey has served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midsouth since 2016.  Currently, she is Board Secretary and chairman of the Programs Committee. She previously served on the Board of Directors for Friends for Life and the Harwood Center. Dr. Massey is an alumni of Leadership Memphis, Executive Program 2016. She is an active member of the Junior League of Memphis, and her primary volunteer service commitment has been with Baptist Hospital Centers for Good Grief and Camp Good Grief.    

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