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Would you like to find out how to invite Dr. Massey to be a part of your upcoming event? You're in the right place. Please submit your contact information below and include a short message about your invitation. You will receive a response as soon as time permits regarding availability and pricing.
** If you are seeking clinical assistance, please click here.
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Thank you for your interest in working with Dr. Massey. You will receive a response as soon as time permits!


Dr. Massey provides workshops and seminars relevant for professional development, youth empowerment, and speciality group advancement.  Read the listing of current course offerings below to identify ones that may be most beneficial for your organization. Contact us for information on specific pricing and custom course offerings.  


Emotional Intelligence: Research contends that individuals who are highly emotionally intelligent are more likely to succeed in their careers and leadership roles. Learn about emotional intelligence (EQ) and ways to improve your EQ.


Mindfulness: The mind is your most valuable asset.  Mindfulness is maintaining a constant awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment in manner that decreases stress and psychological distress.  Learn how to use mindfulness to improve quality of life.


Helping vs Hurting:  Efforts to help others in difficult situations often descends into the non-helpful space enabling.  Learn skills to promote effective assistance methods and boundary setting.


Because You Can (doesn’t mean you should): Success is often hindered by being overextended.  Learn strategies for effective time management, goal setting, and achievement attainment.


You’re Welcome: Bullying is related to insecurities and limits in understanding differences. Improve social skills through learning about acceptance, expression, and intentional acts of inclusion.    


Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Massey is available to encourage and empower audiences regarding issues such as mental illness, living with traumatic experience, self-acceptance, effective leadership, youth engagement, peer pressure, and spiritual growth. Contact us to schedule Dr. Massey for your next event.

You can see video of Dr. Massey presenting HERE!

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