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I am excited about all the praise and support being heaped upon amazing athletes Sha’Carri Richardson and Simone Biles: Sha’Carri Richardson “fastest woman in the world in 2023” and Simone Biles “only gymnast with 8 All Around World Championship Titles.” But let’s not forget how we got here. Flashback to my Massey Moment of August 2021 ”You’re More Than a Game.” It was the Olympic season and a time when both of these premiere athletes faced severe adversity in their careers on the biggest stage! Was it an injury? Was it career ending? No, it was mental, and their mental health demanded the driver’s seat position it always warranted. After prioritizing their mental health and letting mental health lead their journey forward, look at them now! So, I say with great pleasure, mental health for the win!

Let’s look at what’s been said a little closer. Neither of these phenomenal athletes ever lost the physical ability and superior talent that catapulted them to the top of their respective sports. There was a disruption in the mental faculties that govern their abilities. Anxiety, emotional distress, confusion- we’re not privy to the particulars, but we know it was mental health related. Mental malfunction halted superior athleticism, delayed athletic prowess, and blocked the pathway to success.


Solution: Make time for your mental health.

Lesson: Make time for your mental health, not only in crisis, ALWAYS!!

Because of the stigma associated with mental illness and its taboo position in society, many of us don’t recognize our mental distress. We are also void of the tools needed to live a mentally healthy life. Mental malfunction doesn’t only happen to premier female athletes, it happens to us all. Our finest talents must be protected and nurtured by our mental wellness. Stay tuned here for more direction on how to achieve mental wellness for yourself as we congratulate these women on their return to greatness! Let’s all go be great through mastery of the mind!


Mental health for the WIN!!


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