LESSON: FORtunate. FORtified. FORward.

 OCTOBER 2, 2020 



It is a privilege to live life in service to others. I often tell clients, “We’ll mix your expert on you with my expert and make magic happen.” Therapy is a joint effort and it means a lot for someone to trust you with their pain and their healing. I honor that trust, and I grow participating in the growth of others. I am FORtunate to have a sustained, successful career in this field. There’s a power in the therapeutic relationship that is unmatched. I encourage everyone to seek the solace that awaits you in the right therapeutic environment.


A career in mental health is not for the weary. Many do not realize the challenges faced by the provider in a world that demonizes mental illness and those who work in the field. We’re accused of being quacks, shrinks (as in witchdoctors who shrink heads), or worse yet therapist
separated to read “the rapist.” The truth is, I’m a scientist. I’m a doctor. I’m a skilled expert. I put forth every effort to bring about wholeness. It’s draining and exhilarating at the same time. Now I know I’m FORtified. I celebrate these fifteen years of service and vow to train others to
discover the value in the heart and hard work that I do.


There’s much more to be done to advance the mission of mental health. Fifteen years is only the tip of the iceberg as I know so many still suffer in silence. It should not be a privilege to have access to quality mental health care. The steps to take to promote mental health should be just as common as those to promote physical health (i.e. diet and exercise). We must learn the power that exists in the mind and the importance of learning how to harness that power. I look FORward to another fifteen years of service. There’s more “get better” to achieve! “I’m not tired yet!” Stay tuned…..

 OCTOBER: Happy Clinical Anniversary